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Masters Swim - S2
#: Masters   ID: F/WS2   Section: T/R5:45am  
During this 10 week session we will focus first on technique and then on endurance. We swim all four strokes, although butterfly is always optional; feel free to join us even if you haven’t mastered them.  We use many drills throughout the session in order to perfect our technique. Our workouts are easy on the joints, are scaled for different fitness levels and abilities, and provide great exercise for the entire body. Masters Swimming is a fun and challenging workout that helps improve stroke technique while building endurance.  Coach Z has years of experience working with all swimming abilities from seasoned athletes to beginning lap swimmers.  Coach Z is able to help you with whatever you fitness goals might be.  Minimum 10 participants.
*A pool membership is NOT required to participate.
Bring to Class:
Bring a towel, goggles, if you have them: fins and paddles.
Age Req:
16 & up
Tu, Th 
5:45 AM
Non-Resident: $115.00 each

Resident: $100.00 each
Class Size:
Registration Cutoff Date:
Dates & Times:
11/30/2021   5:45AM - 6:45AM
12/2/2021   5:45AM - 6:45AM
12/7/2021   5:45AM - 6:45AM
12/9/2021   5:45AM - 6:45AM
12/14/2021   5:45AM - 6:45AM
12/16/2021   5:45AM - 6:45AM
12/21/2021   5:45AM - 6:45AM
12/23/2021   5:45AM - 6:45AM
12/28/2021   5:45AM - 6:45AM
12/30/2021   5:45AM - 6:45AM
1/4/2022   5:45AM - 6:45AM
1/6/2022   5:45AM - 6:45AM
1/11/2022   5:45AM - 6:45AM
1/13/2022   5:45AM - 6:45AM
1/18/2022   5:45AM - 6:45AM
1/20/2022   5:45AM - 6:45AM
1/25/2022   5:45AM - 6:45AM
1/27/2022   5:45AM - 6:45AM
2/1/2022   5:45AM - 6:45AM
2/3/2022   5:45AM - 6:45AM
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