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Basketball Shooting Club

Starting May 9, 2021, Cambridge CAP is partnering with Hoops Club and starting a basketball shooting club. The ultimate goal is to work on quality shots & to keep a basketball in the hands of as many kids as possible during the off-season.

Players will keep track of their MADE shots with a witness present. Players hitting their age group of makes will have a chance to receive different items depending on how many makes they have by October 1, 2021. They will also will receive recognition during their Youth Night!

Players will also be invited to our Skills Clinics instructed by skills trainer Matt Everson of PDP Basketball Academy.

Below are some guidelines to participate.

How to participate:

  1. Registration Fee: $60

  2. The participant tracks shots MADE, not taken.

  3. Quality shots are considered "game shots".  Game shots include layups, jumpers, putbacks, post moves, and free throws (preferably a mix of these types) at game speed.  While playing "horse" is a fun game we encourage, it is not included in the tracking of shots made.

  4. A witness is needed for the shots to count.  Preferably the witness is a parent (or another adult) helping rebound and encouraging the player but an older sibling/cousin works too.

  5. Shots can be taken in your driveway hoop, Community Park, Elementary School playground, or at our Shooting Club Open Gym Times!

  6. Who can participate?  Kids going into 3rd through High School for the 2021-2022 school year.

  7. See below for a link for an example shot log to use.  You can either click "Save As" and keep track electronically or print the template and keep track on paper.  By October 1, 2021, please email a copy of the participant's shot log to Adam Hosey at

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