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Fitness Classes

Group based exercise classes for everyone.

Endure Boot Camp

Can you endure this one hour, heart pumping and muscle taxing workout? This boot camp style class isn't just for the seasoned participant. Modifications will be made for all fitness levels. This class is about YOU challenging yourself to be better, stronger and to break down those mental barriers. Join us and find out what you can endure! Please bring a water bottle and mat to each class.


Get Golf Ready "Fore" Adults is a program that consists of 5 one-hour clinic style lessons that are designed to teach you everything you need to know so that you can step out on the course and play with confidence! This is a great opportunity for beginner and intermediate adults to learn the game in a fun relaxed environment while meeting new friends to play with! Maximum 10 participants.


Using the Pilates Principles of centering, control, concentration, precision, breath, and flow, this mat class will increase your strength and flexibility, improve your posture, and sharpen your focus! Over time you can expect an agility and deftness from your body that transfer seamlessly into the activities of everyday life, giving you a more confident physicality, and enhancing the connection between your body and your mind.