Class Registration v3.0 - Cambridge Community Activities Program


We are pleased to offer programs such as Cops & Bobbers, Parent's Night Out, Babysitting Safety Training, engineering, sewing and cooking classes.

Drop the kids off and head out for date night! CAP staff will have fun programming planned to keep the kids entertained while the parents get away. Payment and a registration form must be turned in to the CAP CARE room by the Wednesday prior to the event. Min 8 / Max 14

Safe@Home by Safe Sitter® is a program designed for students in grades 4-6 to prepare them to be safe when they are home alone. The program is an introductory level program to prepare students to care for themselves when parents are away for short periods of time. This class teaches students how to practice safe habits, how to prevent unsafe situations, and what to do when faced with dangers such as power failures or weather emergencies. Students are also introduced to the Safe Sitter® First Aid Chart and learn a system to help them assess and respond to injuries and illnesses. Safe@Home is ideal for students that have expressed interest in assuming the responsibility of staying home alone.
Safe Sitter Essentials with CPR is designed to prepare students to be safe when they’re home alone, watching younger siblings, or babysitting. The class is filled with fun games and role-playing exercises. Students will learn the following:
Safety Skills: How to prevent unsafe situations and what to do when faced with dangers such as power failures or weather emergencies.
Child Care Skills: Students learn tips to manage behavior that will help them stay in control of themselves and the children in their care. Students also learn the ages and stages of child development, as well as practice diapering.
First Aid & Rescue Skills: Learning skills such as choking rescue. Students also learn a system to help them assess and respond to injuries and illnesses.
Life & Business Skills: The ability to screen jobs, discuss fees, and greet employers will set students up for success now and in the future. Students practice these skills through various role plays.
This class will be offered during summer school hours. Registration will need to be made through CAP.

Concorde Education is an educational company focused on STEAM education. 

The participant will learn the frontend and backend of mobile game app development! Students create games in BLOCKLY with MIT App Inventor and gain an understanding of game design. Oour instructors guide students from simple games like Mole Mash, Galaga, and build up more challenging and original games. This course is perfect for someone looking to build upon or begin their journey into computer programming. 

he Concorde Games' esports curriculum is designed to promote 21st century learning skills for students through competitive videogaming. Team practices focus on in-game skill development, teamwork, communication skills, and sportsmanship. Additionally, the program contains curriculum and workshops developed to engage students in a variety of topics essential to the esports industry including video editing, log and brad design, and broadcasting. 

1. Professional Coaching Session once a week for 1 1/2 hours. Focuses on gameplay, strategy, communication skills, and teamwork.

2. Supplemental Academic Workshops- 
- Logo and Brand Design
- Broadcasting & Streaming
-Video Editing
- Life of a Collegiate Esports Athlete

The team will be using the Rocket League fantasy-based sports game. It combines the strategy of soccer with the physics of ice hockey. Players use 'cars' to hit the ball into the opposing teams net with the goal of beating the other team to the ball. The coaches work on reinforcing the fundamental skills necessary for students to succeed both as an individual player and in a team environment. Coaches will introduce students to the importance of coordinating strategies and playmaking. Effective passing techniques, positioning, rotations, and overall strategies for victory will be discussed. 

System Requirements:
Discord program
Device to play Rocket League- PC, Mac, Game Console (all need to be online)
Zoom for workshops

Competitions: This will consist of intra-school competition, external play against other teams within Concorde Games' network, or playing against teams through an external league such as PlayVS or HSEL.